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There is a huge amount of information, much of it somewhat conflicting, regarding chakras, what they are, what they do, where they are, how fast they spin, how big, how small, what colour, and on and on. It is always in our best interests to keep everything uncomplicated and assimilate this knowledge with personal experience. With that in mind, please, read on........


 I have created an audio CD which I have named 'Chakra Workout' and, along with the knowledge below, will give you a real sense and experience of each chakra - click here to listen to a sample

This list is by no means exhaustive and gives but a very simple explanation of these levels of consciousness. Read on to gain more insight and understanding.


Crown Chakra - God/Cosmic connection

Brow Chakra - Visions, telepathy, Astral travel

Throat Chakra - Communication, Creative expression

Heart Chakra - Love, understanding, trust, balance

Solar Plexus Chakra - Will, personal power, self control, laughter,

Sacral Chakra - desires, ability to give and take, sexual passion,

Base Chakra - Grounding, survival in the physical world, mastery of the body.

Chakra is a Sanskrit word which means wheel, and is a word that is becoming more and more popular here in the Western world. Are you familiar with what a chakra is or are you confused about the whole issue? The chakras are similar to wheels, in that they are spinning vortexes of energy and these `spinning wheels' are a direct link with the inner and outer 'worlds' and each 'world' represents a level of consciousness. There are many placed throughout the etheric body but the seven principle centres run through the centre of our being, along the spine.

Each centre is shaped like a cone, if you imagine a traffic cone you wouldn't be far wrong.  The point of each chakra aligns with the spinal cord and the outer circumference sends energy and its hidden messages about ourselves out into the ether.

The base chakra and the crown chakra each have only one cone with the point coming into the coccyx and the top of the head respectively.  The outer circumference of these two chakras respectively flowing into the Earth or up Heaven.The sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat and brow chakras each have two cones (see illustration above) coming into the spine and the circumference flowing out into the ethers, via our aura.  The back of the body, with its corresponding chakras, are connected to our will and the front to our feelings.

The balancing of our chakras helps to improve the psychic flow of energy through our body, helps us to heal ourselves on a much deeper level than the physical body and finally helps us to make better contact with souls who live in other dimensions, from the astral realms through to the higher realms of pure spirit. Each centre has its own special purpose and dominating colour.

The first centre lies at the base of the spine and its predominant colour is red, a rich vibrant red,  and it is through this root or base chakra that our energy for physical life flows. A badly blocked centre here will retard the flow of life through the whole body. Are you always tired or do you fluctuate from being highly active and then positively drained? Or perhaps you live in fear of one thing or another? By concentrating on the base chakra which is at the very base of the spine, at the coccyx, and putting a mental image there of a lovely red circle, red cone, or perhaps a red flower in full bloom to symbolise this chakra, you will be able to restore, to some measure, the balance within the chakra and so allow those vital life giving energies to begin to flow again.

Having practised this imagery for some days you may then be ready to uncover the real cause of the blockage or imbalance. The real cause will only be uncovered when you are truly ready to go forward spiritually. By this I mean when you are ready to change old and fixed attitudes which do nothing but harm to you and your spirit. When you are sincerely ready to face the pain and sometimes humiliation and embarrassment that the lower self impinges upon us through  pride and foolishness, then this chakra and all the chakras will automatically balance themselves. I must stress that visualisation of the colours of the chakras will not in itself balance them, but will act as a very positive aid to the balancing.

The negative aspects of this chakra are self-centredness, insecurity, greed, and anger but above all fear. For fear is the cause of these things. By ridding ourselves of these destructive emotions we can then restore the chakra to its full potential.

Although the imagery helps greatly the only cure is to dig deeper. Through prayer, meditation and the use of imagery we can then put right those emotions by refusing to be afraid, selfish, insecure and so on. I do not mean you to suppress those feelings but to dig them out, deal with them by accepting that they exist as a destructive element of your personality and character and then change them by self control, self love and vigilant awareness. In this way you will then be transmitting energy from the lower self to the higher self with all of the information that is held there. When the chakra is balanced correctly and the energies of our higher self flow through it unrestricted this base chakra will then help us to have a common sense approach to life on earth, establish our individuality, allow courage to flow  and instil a sense of security and stability into the physical consciousness. On a psychic level this centre helps us to introduce into the other centres more energy - particularly the spiritual centres of the throat, third-eye and crown causing them to operate more efficiently whereby clairvoyance and clairaudience will be crystal clear and unmistakable. 

Centre number two is the sacral plexus chakra and can be found around the navel area. It has practically the same function as centre number three but vibrates slightly slower. On a physical level this centre expresses our desires and pleasures, our sexuality and passions. Through this  centre flows the energies corresponding to our health and our ability to work harmoniously and creatively with others. Imbalance of the energies here will result in over-indulgence in food or sex or both. There can also be sexual difficulties, confusion, purposelessness, jealousy and envy. So beware, get sorted out and live your life to the full. Allow your energies to flow freely and have a great sex-life and enjoy your foods without becoming unbalanced. The pre-dominant colour of this chakra is orange.

Centre number three is situated at the solar plexus, just below the sternum.  You know, where those gut feelings come from and where, when we receive a mental shock, we `feel it in the guts'. Through this chakra contact is made with the astral or emotional inner and outer world. This region is used in all mediumship, particularly so with physical phenomena. The main psychic use here is of `feeling' because this centre lacks the faster vibrations of the throat and third eye and it can only be used in so far as the capabilities of the medium to interpret and express the feelings being given. On a physical level this centre expresses our personal power and authority, and here our self control, or lack of, really comes into operation.  The faster vibration of this chakra helps us to distinguish the good from the bad, light from dark. The predominant colour of this chakra is yellow. 

Centre number four is the heart chakra and is predominately green.   Whilst this centre is still operating on the emotional level it is of a much finer substance and quality. This centre is the bridge between the spiritual and the physical. Psychically this centre is used for healing. It is also the seat of our compassion and understanding and thus the auric penetration is more pronounced allowing the healer to feel the pains and sorrows of the patient. However this centre does not define clearly what is the cause of the pain, anxiety or sorrow. Through this centre flows unconditional love, forgiveness, balance, understanding and compassion, acceptance, peace, harmony and contentment. In effect the Christ light. If this centre is out of balance  then our love (our spiritual love) will not be able to flow and then all kinds of emotional imbalances will develop. 

Centre number five is the throat chakra and here, psychically we are on mental ground, where we can receive correct, direct communication from the spirit world. It is the source of clairaudience. When properly harmonised it lifts the medium out of the misty realms of vague impressions, which may or may not come from the subconscious, into the clear spiritual waves of thought. Properly developed it becomes a most reliable source of spirit communication. When this chakra is working at its full potential we have power where the spoken word is concerned. We all know the people who command our attention and who speak with a gentle authority. They know that `they know.' Creatively too, artists, authors and those connected with the arts in some way use this spiritual chakra. Out of balance, this chakra will give us speech difficulties, and our knowledge will be used unwisely.  This chakra should be a beautiful blue. 

Centre number six is perhaps the most well known of all, situated between the brow it is known as the `third eye'. Its colour is predominately indigo. It is the seat of all genuine clairvoyance. Much that passes for clairvoyance is merely imagery sent up to the brain via the emotions. The `feeling' which we pick up through our heart chakra or our solar plexus chakra, suggests certain reasons for that feeling and the subconscious provides a picture which may or may not be correct. Once you have experienced real clairvoyance you will never mistake it for imagery. If you have not experienced real clairvoyance do not despair, for remember, as with all the chakras this article is but a mere hint of all that is involved.  All the chakras act by degree and on many, many varying levels of truth and/or inaccuracies.  Just keep practising.

Centres five and six work on an extremely fast vibration and so sometimes that which you are given can actually be missed. Always go back to the spirit messenger and ask for it to be given again. 

Centre number seven is the crown chakra, placed at the top of the head.  It's colour is predominately purple and is our link with cosmic consciousness and is the gateway to God.  Through this centre flows the finest spiritual energies which then mix and mingle with our aura. When this centre is strengthened by our love for and faith in God we seem to `just know'. We see, hear, and understand all in one go, there is a oneness with the Infinite and with all life. When this chakra is unbalanced we suffer with depression, confusion and senility, although medical science would probably give us different reasons for it.

Remember the most powerful way to open, activate, energise, and balance all of our chakras and keep our bodies and minds in a healthy condition is to love ourselves and others unconditionally. Unconditionally means to make no demands on them. Love is the greatest healer. Love is the vitalising, nourishing, sustaining power of life. When we love ourselves and are able to offer this love to others, we keep our body and mind charged.

Our entire mind and body system is a connecting link to all levels of consciousness. Each one of us is interconnected and is a part of `All That Is'. To understand the chakras is really to understand ourselves and see ourselves in the light of truth. We can all be three people, the person we think we are, the person other people perceive us to be and the person we really are. Jesus said `Man know thyself' and it is in the knowing of ourselves that we can then really understand the chakras and put them to their correct use automatically.


...that home really is where the heart is. And if your heart

is centred on God, you are 'safe at home' everywhere.



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