The first night after connecting with Hazel, during that same day, I felt so happy that I couldn't sleep. I had consciously asked source energy for external guidance. I have done so much work on myself, almost twenty years and have managed to overcome addictions and fears and triumphed in other areas out of nothing and against all odds. But I got to a point where I really felt at this level I had done as much as I could. This was when I met Hazel. Hazel speaks to you at a level where you know you've never heard these words, yet you remember them somehow and they resonate deeply. I was completely ready when Hazel sent me two of her meditations

Here is my actual response to Hazel, on Facebook private messaging, after doing the first ‘Calm Your Emotions’ meditation.

“I saw all kinds of things, beautiful things. Once I had sent the love up through my crown and to the highest point I could into the Universe, and brought the energy back down in a fountain, that felt beautiful and importantly, I could feel that energy.  On the right side of the fountain (which I could more feel than see) appeared a medium close up vision of the right side of an elephant's eye, this quickly changed to the right side of a lion's eye. I'm unsure what order these happened in next but then I saw a fox, of some kind, playing with something and then this became a butterfly changing from species to species quickly. At one point I saw...a turtle HAHA, and the most beautiful part was a peacock spreading its tail, but the tail became something I'd never seen, like huge wings but with the same colours.  Oh, and when I brought the angel in, I felt a sensation on my shins and I absorbed the energy as you said. Then I saw another eye but there's no way it was human, it didn't look animal either. It looked kind of like an exotic almond shape in angelic colour, the closest I can describe it is like a beautiful lizard (that's sounds odd I know) then the iris of this exotic eye  turned into a diamond. The eye was on the left this time. I had a lovely feeling of connectedness and there was no fear.”

It was a wonderful meditation and Hazel's voice carries clarity and grounding, whilst guiding you through to the higher frequency levels of yourself and the Universe. It's easy to tune into her voice and align with the instructions while you drift into Alpha waves, relaxed but always consciously aware.

Helena Sterne,  Oxford England ~ 26th January 2015



I just had an amazing "cellular healing" and more with my amazing sister in Light Hazel Moore  and I highly recommend her Spirit services ... She is the best! ~  She really works her magic ... the magic of Spirit, Thank YOU my precious sister Hazel Moore.  You helped with your awesome Divine catalyst nature "   

Polona Aurea Dawn Somrak  ~ Gozd Martuljek, Solvenvia ~ 30 July 2014


 Hazel, thank YOU so much! I've been a little afraid, but now I see more clearly... such an amazing journey talking with you, your comments about past lives has helped - a LOT! 

CB ~  Bogotá, Colombia ~ 26 April 2014


Dear Hazel
I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me find my true self 'Angela' even as I type that I’m feeling my heart expand.
I have learnt so much from your classes and as you know a lot of baggage has been cleared and I am sad to be leaving. However I feel like I’m leaving in the form of a swan from arriving at your door as an ugly duckling.
I realise for the first time I feel content in my body as Angela and I realise my work mask is off too.  I’ve had people ask me 'how I am on a daily basis' and the tables have turned completely in that no baggage was off loaded on to me.  I also realise I don’t like my job, the wages are an insult and this is all because of the self worth issues that I faced and I am now able to speak the truth which is that I deserve more. 
You are an amazing woman and I am truly inspired by you.

Angela S, England March 2014 



In just one short week, Hazel Moore has transformed our lives. I asked for her help after receiving bad news about my dog Ned. Ned is 14 and has just yesterday (24 Sept 13) been diagnosed... with a very large mass in his abdomen which is full of blood. His back legs are very weak too. The vet says that this will probably rupture soon and Ned will have to be put down. Timeframe is that this will happen within the next week or two. Hazel took us on and started straight away. Giving information to me about past lives that Ned and I have shared and his thoughts around his current situation. Instantly I felt better having her help and support. She knew exactly what was needed. Hazel's guidance and advice is second to none, she is so skilled and intuitive. And with the utmost compassion, she also showed me how to lift myself up from the depths of worry and sadness in order to play my own vital part in helping Ned.
Ned is already a different dog compared to just one week ago. His brightness has returned and he has a spring in his step and his playfulness has returned. I know that he is enjoying Hazel's healing sessions, all done from a distance, and with Hazel's help, I am confident that we are making the rest of Ned's life, the best of Ned's life. Thank you so much Hazel. I asked for your help and you have given us so much more.

Lisa Harrison ~~ London, England 25th September 2013



Dear Hazel,

Thank you SOOOOO much for your assistance and guidance yesterday.

Last night after our Skype session I pulled in my Power Team, as you suggested, and asked them to pull out polarity energy...WOW!  It was immensely powerful stuff - about 7 times I literally felt how everything was pulled out of my body and the last time out of my solar plexus area.  Then I saw this immense black smiley stuff and dismissed it to those angels administering that, and then washed down the toilet with the lid on and did it twice for some reason.  I then invoked the gold/silver/violet flame to transmute whatever energies were still hovering about.  Afterwards I took a cleansing bath and I just felt like something immense had shifted!  I feel so much lighter and much more energised and WHOLE!   Thank you SOOO much - words are just not adequate of what has happened and thank you for helping me there.

Immense Love, Light and Blessings and Gratitude!

Judith Kusel ~~ South Africa, 6th September 2013



It was during mid 2012 that I came upon Hazel Moore rather by "accident" Now we all know that there are no co-incidences or accidents in life - and she has since become a trusted teacher and mentor me.
Hazel has a keen insight into things and this together with her Love for all of Creation means that she puts her all into assisting others being and living out their full potential.
When my dog, Snowy, got suddenly and seriously ill Hazel was able to tap into his etheric counterpart and was able to tell me what she saw. She saw a blockage, a dark mass of energy but no roots which meant that whatever it was, was benign.
She also held her etheric hands around him, all through the night and sent him the loving light of healing energies. In addition to this, daily, she enquired about his progress. Really, she was a pillar of strength and support!
Oh yes, I almost forgot to mention that Hazel also has a vast knowledge base around Zoopharmacognosy so she was able to advise me too on holistic treatments going forward.
I find Hazel to have a heart of gold, filled with kindness and compassion for all of Life. She has a lovely voice too and her soothing manner make her guided meditations particularly pleasant to work with.
Do yourself a favour today and look at all she has on offer.

RJ Pretoria, South Africa ~~ August 2013



Hazel, she is a truly inspiring, effective and intuitive woman that I have a great deal of time, appreciation and respect for.
One session made a great impact, many thanks and much love.

 Michael James....England ~~~ 20th August 2013



I am so grateful for Hazel's insights and loving assistance with my cat, Galactica. She had not eaten for 5 days, and I took her to an emergency clinic on the weekend, fearing that she would develop fatty liver disease. Hazel and I started corresponding while I was at the clinic, and she could tell that Galactica was intolerant to something in her food, and ...nothing more serious. We spoke on Skype the next morning (US time) about some of Galactica's emotional needs as well, especially her sadness about missing our old home in the countryside since moving in with my family to help with my grandmother's care. Hazel provided detailed suggestions for nutritional and herbal support for Galactica, plus some ways to support her emotionally. A second night at the after-hours clinic would have been more than I could afford. Thanks to Hazel, I felt confident bringing Galactica home from the vet even though she still would not eat despite their efforts. She was on her way back to normal very soon after.

BG ~~ Texas, 9th September 2013


Hi Hazel,
I've listened to both CDs from your 'Meditation for Life' series and although I got a bit too relaxed with one after the other and was asleep at the end of disc 2 :) Will do that one again tomorrow.  They are both really lovely. Powerful and serene. I particularly liked being guided through the 15 chakras and I'll continue to work with the instructions for the higher Chakra's as they are the ones I find harder to visualise and get to grips with in our sessions. I am definitely far more relaxed alone and responded really well to the meditations.  I'll do one per night rotating them through the week.
I also had a nice experience last night doing the meditation from disc 2. I saw myself as an immense ball of light, taken out to the cosmos where I took my place in the stars as a tiny speck of light. I interpreted that as meaning it's ok to be IMMENSE here on Earth, it doesn't mean you have ideas of grandeur. In the grand scheme of things I am a tiny but essential part of everything that is!
Have a lovely week, Nicky xx ~~~ August 2013

 As I type this I have tears streaming down my face, Hazel is one in a million to say the least, a beautiful soul. I feel so privileged to have found Her. The words spoken from Hazel are always from the heart and what I have learned I shall cherish and pass on. I feel that I have spent 34 years breathing but now having found Hazel I am living from my heart. 'Hazel you have changed my outlook on everything and you have made me realise everything is possible. I feel so humble that a beautiful Divine soul like yourself has found time for me'. I highly recommend the 'meditation for life' CD series for everyone out there, it's from the heart and simply just beautiful. Wishing you and your loved ones a peaceful, loving future as always. ❤'

Lots of love Angela xx ~~~ August 2013

 During the session I felt really emotional, I cried and cried as I was extremely hurt by a childhood event but I knew it had to be done in order to move me forward in healing my childhood issues. Hazel's soothing voice made me feel safe to let go and feel loved again. After the session I was really emotionally drained yet felt like an enormous relief in my solar plexus area where the hurt was kept.

Hazel thank you for guiding me to healing all the issues that needed to be unravelled and healed. You are an amazing intuitive healer. Your kind words and guidance will bring the healing to thousands more. THANK YOU FOR BEING A PART OF MY JOURNEY. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU

HH Bahrein ~~~~ 12th July 2013

Thank you , Hazel!

Several months go, it has become unbearable for me to deal with myself. It's been a back-and-forth ride of promising to myself that I would give up my selfish and egocentric ways, because they were just NOT taking me anywhere...
I really said this to my higher self "Please, change me or destroy me. Please, pinch me every time I'm being THAT". 
And who should I find shortly after that on the Internet but Hazel!
Thanks again, 

AK ~~~ August 2012


Dear Hazel,


Well I am amazed to say the least - every single word you speak makes sense, what an eye opener!

I agree with every single word, I would never in a million years have been able to work this out.  You are right my mind wants the easy option.

Angela, Kent, England ~~ July 2012


Thank you Hazel ~~ after my reading with you yesterday I feel very light and happy, as though I am on cloud 9

Angela, Kent, England ~~ March 2012


Thank you Hazel, what you told me was a lot to take in and I have to get used to the alignment you carried out with me.  Thank you for introducing me to my guide we are getting along just fine, my cat can see him.  Thank you and much love to you.

Annie, Gillingham, England ~~ February 2012


Our work together is carrying fruits already. I am sitting in the living room, listening to some beautiful tunes and I am just happy and very much in the moment. It's so beautiful and amazing. Music is my key to God and peace. I started to thank the Universe for this huge amount of happiness and you were right, this act increases the feeling of happiness. My 'other self' from a previous life, is with me and he has many other powers with him to support me. I feel cared for and secured.

I know I have solved my anger problem and am starting to communicate much more clearly.  I am communicating again in a loving way. I can understand (feel) the connection of anger and the little child. I understand why this carrries over into my relationships. I can feel the world as a mirror of my inside and I am fascinated to discover what’s more inside me/out there. 

I know that very soon I am going to find out what’s best for me and what job I will receive. 

Thank you so much for all your love, positive energy and for helping me out in this circling situation. What you did was amazing. 

Jan Samuel Pfaeffli ~~~ Switzerland February 2012


Hi Hazel
I am not good, but close to spectacular. I am (re)understanding that solving problems with love is the most sustainable and powerful way.

Jan Samuel Pfaeffli (Swiss)~~~Rochester, February 2012


I can't begin to thank you for your help in surrendering all my troubles from years ago.  I know there is a journey yet to come, but i feel now i am on the right path.  I feel so much calmer and together today and that's down to your guidance.  I did my breathing as soon as i got up and then the grounding exercises.

God bless you. Terri, Susssex, England ~~ 27th October 2011



I have so much gratitude for having you in my life Hazel I will never truly be able to express it in a way that begins to touch the true expression of it - words simply aren’t enough and I feel enormous emotion in this moment that I am overwhelmed with tears. The nearest emotion I can relate to this is Love. Without you I would not have come to ‘self enquiry’  -  without you I would still be placing value on attachments to people, a belief that I have to own something, do something or be something than that which I Am. Through you as my teacher I have learned to be ever mindful that my path is to re-educate my mind to its true purpose which is to be in service to the ’Self’ and not to the ‘Ego’. To recognise that my mind is not my enemy but has got lost somewhere in the story and conditioning of my life and experience here - in this recognition I have discovered silence and peace.

Thank you, Love Kev. Xxx
Rochester, Kent, England 26 Oct 2011



Hi Hazel

I was reading a friends posts about her health. I noticed your wisdom, knowledge and Spirituality you shared with her. I love to meet people like you as we are likeminded. I hope you are having a Happy Wednesday my new friend and sister. It's a delight, honor and Blessing to know you. :-)

Remain Blessed, ♥

Rhondelia – July 27 2011


 Thank you so much Hazel, You have really helped me, I have stayed positive and I got upset and panicked by something last night so I just took myself off to bed and did the meditation you taught me.  I can't thank you enough for what you did for me.  You have really helped me and I am looking forward to embracing a more Peaceful and loving life.

Thank you so so so so much.

Much Love to you xxxxxxx

Wendy Corrigan, Ashford Kent, 11th July 2011


“Hazel is one amazing person, an inspiration and a privilege to know. Her work is awesome as she works from the heart, touching many lives”
Wendy Bowman on Jun 16, 2011
“Hazel is a great teacher with many gifts.Her experience combined with a foundation of love makes her a very special lady, highly recommended”
Matthew Binns on Jun 16, 2011


"Thank you so, so, so, so much for helping my sister Wendy.. Unbelievable that you knew everything!! She was amazed with the healing work that you did too... Can't thank you enough Hazel. You're such a lovely person xxxxx"

Kerry Fahey, England -  July 10th 2011


"Thankyou Hazel for creating the Aura Cleansing and Chakra Workout audio. I'll tell you what, if that Chakra workout was a "physical" thing, I would have been sweating big time :) I love every moment of it. Will meditate on these each night. I feel like I'm doing pretty well. Your instructions are crystal clear. Thank you ♥"

Kelly Flack, Australia - July 10th 2011


"i agree those workouts are amazing, i take them with me when i travel, especially helps me when i've been surrounded by negative people. Thank you hazel x x x"

Matthew Binns, England - July 10th 2011


 Thank you for the guidance you gave this morning. It felt like Divine Guidance in Divine Order'

Wendy, Glastonbury


I am writing to thank you for the Meditation CD, I use it regularly and am already experiencing major changes. I feel more confident, balanced and open, and my relationships have improved.  I didn't expect to make so much progress in such a short time. Thank you! 

EM   Devon


Just a hasty scribble to say first of all, a 'big thank you' for doing such a detailed reading so quickly.  I would like to treat a friend in Guildford to a reading from you for her birthday. 

HR. Perthshire, Scotland


Dear Hazel, Thankyou so much for helping me become what I am, the journey I am now on is a very important one and I know I have only this lifetime to complete it.  Thank you for giving me such a great head start and enabling me to make the most of such a short time a lifetime can be. ~~

MM  SE England


Dear Hazel, beautiful soul.  Thank you for accepting me as I am and holding me in  the light of your Love. ~

PD Teignmouth Devon

The way you radiate God's Love is something very special.  thanks for being in my life' ~

CD Instow Devon


thankyou so much Hazel, for your gifts to me ~ your insight, clarity and generosity of Spirit.   I am always uplifted and expanded when I receive your guidance. ~~
Jenny, Landkey


Hazel, your help has been priceless, your patience endless, your welcome faultless, our fears groundless.  thank you with love and light ~~~

Joan and Mary  Cornwall


Thank you so much for your reading and chakra exercise CD.  I am very grateful for your kindness and graciousness ~~

HP Miami prison USA


Meeting you Hazel has definitely had a real impact on my life and my overall sense of well being. ~~
JA Brussels, Belgium


Dear Hazel, speaking to you has been so helpful and I hope you don't think this is presumptuous but I'm prepaying for an additional 3 sessions.  Speaking with you has been SO helpful to me.~~ Blessings

CG California USA


Dear Hazel, Many thanks for your help on Tuesday. Until you told me, I was unaware of how much negativity I was piling onto my mother - and others - and myself.  I now feel as if I'm viewing people from a different angle, from a different space.  I shall endeavour to stay there  ~~~ Carla 


How Many ways can one say thankyou, there must be a thousand.  Thankyou very much for understanding my situation at this moment.  I was truly touched with what you said on the phone and very grateful. I know it was God's will that I was brought to you and I could never put into words, or know where to begin to say thank you.  He truly gave me a fine teacher, with love from a very grateful pupil ~~

SP Devon


Thank you for your time on Saturday. I really enjoyed my session with you and so much is a lot clearer now, I will hold 'The Dream' and work through all the other stuff too. ~~

SR Spain


Dear Hazel, thankyou for all of the things that you have taught me and I look forward to continuing having sessions with you ~~

CJ, Bradworthy


WOW! This is powerful stuff Hazel. I understand what you are saying and I understand the feeling that this brings. I have experienced it before but now I must make it a daily habit, a daily ritual. I love me and I know I could LOVE me much much more. I will get there. Thankyou sooo much Hazel,
I love you xxx
~ Kelly, Queensland,  Australia


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