Ridding yourself of your negative emotions as they
present themselves is leading to you aligning yourself
with your Soul.

Now, what does this mean exactly?

Your Soul is magnificent and it operates beyond time
and space (WOW! that's a big one to get your head around) and you are but a small part of the hugeness of your Soul and you have a personality (the you in this lifetime) which has free will to create and experience 'stuff'. And boy do we create ‘stuff’ – I think we call it chaos, mayhem, dread, worry, clutter - the list is endless, but I think you get my drift.

If we are not aligned, because our negative thoughts and emotions keep us separate, with our Soul and ultimately our Spirit, Spirit is what religion calls God, and only God is Spirit, then we will be unable to create a Life of fulfilment and abundance at every level.

I like Hazel, in fact I love Hazel. I didn't used to but I do now. In fact every morning I look at her lovely face and say with the utmost sincerity and without a shred of vanity “You are so beautiful and I love you”. I say it as though it were my Soul speaking to me. And guess what? my Soul answers me in the Soul language of feeling, I know this because I get the most wonderful Light and joyful feeling bubbling through my body.

Like bubbles in champagne coursing through my body.

Now you can’t make these feelings happen – try it now
and see what happens.

With just your thoughts look into the mirror and say
“You are so beautiful, I love you so much – look deeply
into your eyes and see what happens, if you are not
connected with your Soul you cannot make these Light
and joyful feelings flow through you.

Now, the only reason you are not connected is
because you are identifying with negative  thoughts and emotions that your personality is bent on clinging onto, and this is like a wall between you, the personality, and the beauty and joy that is your Soul.

Try it again with deep sincerity and intention to connect with your Soul.

Try it again, that’s better ahhhhh, can you get a feeling, even an itsy bitsy little feeling of something lighter, something better, something bigger than you.

I do this little ritual every day and always after just a few seconds I have changed my vibration to a much better one. I then, without being able to stop myself, do a little jig and the words ‘zipper de do dah, zipper de ay, my oh my what a wonderful day’ run through my head.

Now how cool is that!!??!!
Check out below what my clients are saying about all this stuff.....
WOW! This is powerful stuff Hazel. I understand what you are saying and I understand the feeling that this brings. I have experienced it before but now I must make it a daily habit, a daily ritual. I love me and I know I could LOVE me much much more. I will get there. Thankyou sooo much Hazel,
I love you xxx
~ Kelly 
Queensland, Australia, June 2011
“Hazel is one amazing person, an inspiration and a privilege to know. Her work is awsome as she works from the heart, touching many lives”
Wendy Bowman on Jun 16, 2011
“Hazel is a great teacher with many gifts.Her experience combined with a foundation of love makes her a very special lady, highly recommended”
Matthew Binns on Jun 16, 2011
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