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Audio 1: Aura Cleansing

Audio 2: Chakra Workout  

Use these 2 meditations whenever you feel cluttered and crowded and learn the fundamental skills of how to spiritually take care of yourself





Audio 1: Meeting Your Higher Self

Audio 2: Creating and Radiating Light

 This meditation will introduce you to the concept of your soul as energy and how to work on the soul planes of reality. These 2 meditations will introduce you to the concept of your soul as energy and how to work on the soul planes of reality



Audio 1: Calm Your Emotions

Audio 2: Open Your Inner Vision

In order to raise your vibration it is essential that your emotional body is calm and centred. This is one of the steps which will enable you to open your inner vision more




Audio 1: Open To Love, Create A Bubble Of Light

Audio 2: Expand Your Aura 

Love changes everything, your vibration and your life.

Love also protects you and gives you a sense of expansion, of feeling bigger than' rather than 'smaller than'





Audio 1: Align And Connect With Your Guide

Audio 2: Align With Your Guide To Charge Your Chakras

Your guide knows you very very well and by using these audios regularly, you will very soon get to know your guide and how you communicate with each other






Audio 1: Ground And Be Fully In Your Body

Audio 2: Build A Bubble Of Protection, Invoke The Christ Light

By learning to ground fully in your body you will be bringing more of your Spirit into matter. This is part of everyone's earthly challenge and experience. Allow the Christ energy to protect you whilst you live in your body upon the earth





Audio 1: Loosen Your Etheric Body o Develop Elasticity

A rigid etheric body leads to stiffness in the mind and body.

 Learn to play with, and bring flexibility to your subtle anatomy. This audio is the prelude to experiencing out of body phenomenon






Audio 1: Energise 4th Dimensional Chakras

Audio 2: Energise 5th Dimensional Chakras

By energising your 4th and 5th dimensional chakras you bring yourself closer to your future self. The you that you hope to become in this lifetime




Audio 1: Meet Your Master On The Inner Planes Of Reality

Audio 2: Build Your Antakarana Bridge

Your master teaches you on the inner planes of reality, usually whilst you sleep. Now it is time for you to wake up to these higher teachings and strengthen the cords of light which are strengthening and building your antakarana bridge 




Audio 1: Petition To release Your Karma

Audio 2: Deprogramme and Reprogramme Your Glands at a Cellular Level

Use these audios to discover whether you have cleared your karmic debts and side to reprogramme your beliefs about ageing, illness and death




Audio 1: Bringing Down Your 4th Dimensional Chakras

Audio 2: Bringing Down Your 5th Dimensional Chakras

Use this meditation before HM9 to download the colours of these chakras




Audio 1: Calming Your Emotions

Audio 2: Healing Your Sub-personalities

Your sub-personalities were created by you and they control your life. Use these audios to bring them into an enlightened awareness of the vision you have of yourself as you would like to be

23 in depth guided meditation audios jam-packed with love and step by step gently guided instructions on how to tune in with Who-You-Really-Are

all for just  £65 or $108

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